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Ramblings Archives - Missy Live on Cam or Phone Missy Live on Cam or Phone

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Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Today’s Deals

  • Illuminate the Savings: Get Two Headlamps for Just $9.99 Shipped!

    Call me a dweeb, but I love headlamps. They’re, um, illuminating.

    I got up early this morning for a nice long walk in the cool fall weather. Unfortunately, it was pitch black outside and I tripped over the kids scooters and bikes on my way out the door. When it is that dark outside and I’m walking fast, every rock and sidewalk crack is a potential hazard. I think it’s safe to say I’m a bit klutzy.

    Head lamps are good for so, so many things. So here’s my Bubba Gump moment with a list:

    • Morning walks.
    • Walking the dog.
    • Camping/hiking.
    • Cleaning out under the sink.
    • Working on the car.
    • Kids games.
    • Spelunking (a longshot, I know).
    These items are much different than the kids and women’s clothing, toys and cosmetics deals we usually post around here. But they are really useful and practical.

    Buy.com has a great deal — and FREE shipping — on a two-pack of 7-LED headlamps for just $9.99. Click this link. If you don’t have an account, sign in.

    Buy 1 Two-pack of LED Adjustable Head-Lamps (Pivoting) $9.99

    Shipping is free

    Final price: $9.99 shipped

  • Gerber 2nd Foods, Only $0.62 at Safeway!
    This is the week of great baby food deals! This morning, we told you about possible free Plum Organics baby …
  • Knockout Knockoffs: Media Consoles and Cabinets

    Need to update your TV area in time for the new fall lineup and football season? Media console cabinets are a sleek way to add style and personality to a room. Entertainment centers built for flat screen televisions have come a long way from the early pressed board designs that lacked style. Here are some great examples of appealing media consoles and their money-saving knockoffs

    The Dawson Media Console features a weathered black finish with ample storage space. Pottery Barn’s price for the large cabinet is $1699. Coaster’s Rustic TV Stand has a weathered wood finish with slate inserts on the cabinet top and in the cabinet doors. The retail price is $588.99 from eFurniture Showroom. Savings: $1,110.01 or 65 percent.

    The TV Easel is an inventive spin. Restoration Hardware’s version allows you to adjust the height of the television for optimal viewing level. It comes in a rustic black finish and costs $795. Cost Plus World Market offers a similar Easel Media Stand for televisions up to 42 inches. It has four shelves for your components. It has a warm brown finish with metal details and costs $359.99. Savings: $435 or 55 percent.

    If you prefer the look of French Country antiques, the Sumner Media Stand from Pottery Barn is an excellent choice. However, it is a bit pricey at $1499. The Harleston Media Console from angelo:Home is a favorable comparison. It has a rustic finish and farmhouse style. It is on casters for mobility and costs $349.99. Savings: $1,149.01 or 77 percent.

    Bedrooms and small spaces deserve a nice media cabinet too. The Caroline and Tristan Media Chest from Neiman Marcus has four drawers and two fixed shelves for storage. It costs $1299. The Alyn Media Chest has the same amount of storage space and a bowed front featured. It is a fraction of the cost, only $300.15. Savings: $998.85 or 77 percent.

  • Carefree Pantiliners, As Low As Free at Safeway!
    I love a free deal! I always try to wait to get these until a great sale comes along, and …
  • CoverGirl Lipstick, Only $2.44 at Walmart!
    I’ve noticed pops of color everywhere–from brightly colored jeans to neon shoes. Even lipstick colors seem to be harkening back …
  • Save 50% on Any Regular-Priced Item at Jo-Ann!

    ‘Tis the season to get crafty! Put down the glue gun and rush to print a coupon for Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts; save 50% on any regular-priced item! The coupon doesn’t expire until 10/31, so there’s plenty of time to pin projects on Pinterest and find something you absolutely need. There are some exclusions, so read the fine print carefully. Happy crafting!

  • Printable Coupon Roundup: Red Baron, Johnsonville and More!
    These are the coupons I printed this morning. We don’t see Red Baron coupons very often, so print this one …
  • Glade Candle, Oil Diffuser and Refills, Only $0.66 at Target!
    Earlier this week, I got the word out on Glade freebies. Good news–there’s another krazy bargain combining a promotion with …
  • Free Pretzel at Pretzelmaker!
    A few days ago it was a free Minibon. Now it’s a free pretzel from Pretzelmaker. I don’t even want …
Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Today’s Deals

  • Sephora Skincare iQ Weekend: Free Makeup Bag with Deluxe Samples

    Don’t miss out! This weekend, September 28–30, select Sephora stores will be having a Discover Skincare iQ event from 12–6 PM each day. Their experts will be giving free skincare consultations, complimentary masks or peel treatments and free makeup applications. To top it all off, they’re sending you home with a chic makeup bag packed with deluxe samples. You may call your local store in advance to book an appointment, but walk-ins are also welcome. Supplies for the free makeup bags are limited, so make sure to stop by early in the weekend to snag yours! These bags would make perfect holiday stocking stuffers–that is, if you can resist the urge to keep them for yourself!

    Unfortunately, this event and giveaway is only at select Sephora stores. Scroll to the bottom of the event page to see if your local store is participating.

  • Centrum Pro Nutrients Probiotic $2.74 at Kroger
    If you use Centrum Pro Nutrients Probiotic, you will definitely want to check out this deal in the Kroger vitamin section. …
  • Free Hormel Compleats at Rite Aid, Starting 9/30!
    Warm up those printers and rush to print! Starting on Sunday, Hormel Compleats are on sale for $1.99 at Rite …
  • Truvia, Only $1.09 at Kroger!
    If you were waiting for a good sale on sugar substitute, this is your week! Last week’s Sunday paper had a …
  • Earn Coupons and Cash with Jingit Online and Free App
    Super savers and savvy shoppers are always looking for an edge in two areas: saving money and making money. There’s …
  • Gone: Knorr Bouillon, As Low As Free at Kroger!
    Both the powder and the cube bouillon are on sale this week at Kroger. These will definitely come in handy …
  • Pampers Swaddlers Diapers, Only $3.47 on Amazon!

    Hey mommies-to-be, get twelve packages of Pampers Swaddlers Newborn diapers for only $41.65 shipped!

    Purchase twelve 20 count packages of Pampers Swaddlers for only $41.65, plus free shipping. That’s just $3.47 per pack! Keep in mind that the jumbo packs of newborn swaddlers sold in stores are 36 count packages, not 20 count.  So, at $3.47 per package, or $0.17 per diaper, this online deal is the equivalent of paying $6.24 for the jumbo packs at the supermarket — a pretty good price and undeniably less hassle! Plus, you don’t have to drag yourself to the store or pay for gas.Retail price for a 36 count jumbo pack is $9.49-11.49.

    Visit amazon and purchase 240 Pampers Swaddlers and then  sit back while the baby shower invitations roll in. Those bases are covered, lady!


  • Method Antibacterial Spray, Only $0.69 at Target!
    Method products can be pricey! Thank goodness for coupons! There’s a new Target coupon that, combined with a manufacturer coupon, …
  • Stifle the Stench: Banish Tupperware Odor for Good (and for Free!)

    Between packing school lunches and boxing up dinner leftovers, our Tupperware containers really take a beating! Each piece finds itself getting filled with all sorts of yummy goodness and snapped closed until the food can be enjoyed again.

    But sometimes, I must admit, those filled Tupperware containers get pushed to the back of the fridge, thought of no more until someone asks, “Mom, what’s that smell?”

    C’mon, ladies, don’t act like you haven’t popped open a container only to stare at it blankly with a scrunched up face thinking, “What on earth is that?” By then the food is unrecognizable and has had plenty of time to permeate into the plastic, leaving its nasty odor behind.

    Here at KCL, we have shown you how to remove those nasty stains from your favorite Tupperware, but what about those nasty odors? Those can be just as stubborn. To solve this problem, I asked a Tupperware consultant who has been in the business for thirty years, and this is what she suggested:

    1. Wash it thoroughly in the hottest soapy water you can stand. This will help get rid of any oils that may be part of the problem.
    2. Dry the container well. Then crumple some newspaper, place it inside, and close the lid tightly.
    3. Let the sealed container sit for forty-eight hours. Then discard the newspaper and give the container a sniff.
    4. If the odor is gone, just wash it before reusing it.
    5. Otherwise, wash it with a diluted bleach solution, and repeat the newspaper trick as needed to remove more stubborn odors.

    That’s it! I tried this trick on the clam linguini-filled Tupperware my father-in-law sent over. Can’t get more stinky than that, right? This worked like a charm! I let the paper absorb the odor for two days, and that was plenty.

    So the next time a sniff of your Tupperware makes you want to pass out, try this trick instead. It won’t cost you a dime and will save you from having to toss the piece out altogether!

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

Other sites involved with this build

Since I have had to create 3 different sites now I figured i better list them out and link to them so I can start keeping track in case something goes wrong and I need to revert back to a former install.

The first site I setup and installed everything on was:


This was going fine until I needed to add the Font Selector plugin and the Plugin used to sell tickets. Both of those plugins needed to have the upgraded version of WordPress.

Problem with that was the Gallery 2 software I am using and like said it did not work with the new version of WordPress. So I decided to make another site as another testing ground.

I created: http://www.couplessite.com/ with the newest version of WordPress.
Got the ticket feature to work nicely:


I had to create an account at the developers site on PayPal though to create an API key that is used to talk between my site and Paypal when transactions occur. This seemed to work but haven’t spent much time with it yet and still need to make a real business account before actually using the Ticket plugin.
Note: Also need to figure out how to insert the ticket information into the database and incorporate that dat with the live video plugin form Video Whisper.

Now I am onto this site: missyoncam.com (the one you are on now).
I have installed the new version of wordpress and went ahead and installed the newest Gallery soaftware called gallery 3. I did not like the layout or features of that at all so after wasting many hours trying to get comfortable with it I decided to go back to the older version of Gallery2. This is where I am at now and so far it seems to be working other than a password issue when I browse the Gallery 2 users. Also it has renamed the gallery 2 -wordpress directory to wpg2-2 instead of just wpg2. I will look into that today.

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Sex Toy Wishlist to Send Sex Toys Anonymously

Send Adult Sex Toys as Gifts Anonymously.

I am setting up a secure, discrete adult sex toy wishlist right now and it has been a challenge to find a sex toy website that offers this. Several years ago I had searched all over the Internet for a site that has sex toy wishlists but didn’t find any. Now at least I have found a couple that may work, just not one that is exactly what I am looking for yet.

Love Honey
So far my favorite one has been from a site in the UK but the wishlist widget is currently not working for the U.S. version of the site. I have emailed them to let them know but they just asked me to use the U.K. version which is not really an option since I (and most the people I do live cams or phone sex with) live in the U.S. That being said I am going to try and get it to work on the U.K. site just to see if it has the options I ma looking for.

Frisky City
Another one I am trying is from Frisky City (www.friskycity.com). It looks like It’s a nice site and the price of toys are good but I can only send my wishlist to someone via email instead of adding it as a widget to my site.
Here is a link to what I am working on:

Amazon Sex Toy Wishlist
Looking around Amazon the other day I found something called a Widget and looking further into it I was surprised to see that this might be what I was looking for the entire time.
I can add my favorite sex toys (or other products) to my Amazon Wishlist and either just link to the list or setup a feed which shows all my wishlist items on my website. This seems like a great way to send sex toys anonymously but I have yet to have anyone use it (sigh…lol).
How to set up the Amazon Sex Toy Wishlist
I am not always good at remembering how I did something if it has been awhile so I decided to try and write down certain steps that i took so not only will I have a reference for myself to use later down the road but maybe one of my readers came to my site hoping to figure out how to do something on their won.
This isn’t the greatest how to I have even helped write but at least it’s a good start.
How To Setup a Sex Toy Wishlist at Amazon.

There will be more on the sex toy wishlist topic to come.
I know there will be a few of my cam girlfriends who will want to use this feature too so it’s fairly high on my priority list.


Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

Missy’s Wishlist

- Put font editor in blog post/edit area (so I can change post font color, size, type, etc.)

Friday, November 25th, 2011

Missy is BACK! Now on Live Cam and Phone Sex

So I’m finally back in front of the camera after a very long and unintentional “hiatus”. I call it unintentional because, well… honestly when I decided to quit doing my website so many years ago, I never really thought I would ever come back.

So what made me decide to give it another go? I’m not really sure I have the answer to that question right now. I just know that when I had my old amateur site, I really enjoyed it (most parts of it, anyway). It helped to fill my need for excitement, gave me a little bit of a creative outlet, and gave me something to focus on besides work.

When it was first suggested to me that maybe I should think about trying it again, my immediate reaction was “No way! No how! I am WAY too old and moldy for that now!” But the more I thought about it, the more I thought “Why NOT?!” Yeah, I may not be 20 years old anymore, and I may not be as cute and as fun as I used to be. But if it’s something I enjoy doing, then… WHY NOT?!

I know a lot has changed in the internet world over the years while I’ve been away. And I know I have a lot to learn and re-learn. But I’m just going to jump back in and figure it all out as I go along… so be patient with me :)

If you are not a memeber of my site yet and would like to contact me please use the following methods:
Google +

NiteFlirt as Missy USA


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